Studio for product design and art.

„Rain, earth (soil) and sprout.“

Emre Yazar

Emre Yazar Product Design & Art (E Y P D & A) is an independent studio for product design and art in Mannheim.

The offer includes consulting, planning, research and development in the fields of graphics and identity, product design, urban design, systems design and contemporary art.
The structure of E Y P D & A offers space for cross-industry cooperation in research and development work. This should contribute to promoting a positive and visionary culture of innovation.
My Story

Learn how I became a designer, and how I develop the concept of New forms.

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The latest developments by E Y P D & A include the innovative and transformable workshop format COTAAC and the artistic and urban intervention group iwaipidindei__x___fiyyasco.


*Would you like to take part in an artistic intervention in your district?
*Our winning ideas: New Mannheim School (NMS) and 1st Mannheim Environmental Hackathon.

*We are BUGA partners.